Let's Rethink Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare Marketing is chock full of myths, misconceptions and flat out lies...

Isn't it time we busted the myths around healthcare marketing? With the rise of consumerism, lowering of barriers to entry, and massive adoption of telehealth, catchment areas have never been larger--and the costs of switching providers have never been this low!

Colin Jeffries co-hosts the Rethink Marketing Podcast, leads an award-winning behavioral health marketing team, and serves as an advisor to several growing organizations.

He is a marketer, speaker, and content creator who loves guiding healthcare organizations through tomorrow's growth challenges.

Unfortunately for today's healthcare marketing leaders, enrolling new patients is not nearly as simple as before. With the abundance of channels, niching of audiences, and increased marketing dollars from competitors, relying on the same old tactics drives costs up without delivering more conversions.

From family-owned practices to privately held organizations to those with private equity backing, Colin has worked with a wide variety of practice structures. He understands the pain points of health systems and practices because he has been there.

His proven systems can help relieve the competitive pressures you feel, exploit your differentiators, accelerate your online reputation, build a community of influencer-advocates, and, ultimately, improve your top-line growth.

Healthcare organizations Colin has worked with include: