7 Quick Ways to Kickstart Innovation And break through Stagnation:

From the BMW Startup Garage to X (formerly GoogleX), from Adobe Kickbox to 3M Ventures, what is it about innovative companies dedicating resources to creating the future?  And for any of us not fortunate enough to have formal innovation initiatives, how do we avoid being overlooked and out innovated?  We have seen Nvidia, Netflix, OpenAI, Marqeta, Substack, and countless other disruptors flip entire verticals on their heads.  In today's economy, innovative companies are thriving and stagnant companies are struggling to survive (or they have already shuttered).

Rather than provide paragraphs of deep insights for consideration, this post is intended to provide quick shots of Let's start by better understanding the problem.  

While innovation is encouraged from the top down, it really thrives from the bottom up in most cases.  It’s fine if marketing champions innovation, but we shouldn't rely on marketing and the executives alone.  We should take steps toward creating an environment of innovation at all levels.  Sometimes opening the door to some outside salespeople to let them pitch your teams on new, innovative ideas can result in new initiatives internally--whether or not there is a sale.  At the end of the day, innovation is positive change, so let’s seek to change more and win more!